Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Everyone who knows me and my husband knows that we aren't afraid to tackle remodel jobs. Well, we are at it again. Last Saturday we went and ordered slate flooring for our entryway in our house. Monday Ron spent the day breaking out the exsisting tile and scrapping the mastic of the floor. When I got home from work, we spent a couple of hours removing the wallpaper (which I've hated since we hung it) from the walls. Our plan is to texture the walls with orange peel texture and paint. The slate is due in on Friday so we hope to get it laid down this coming weekend. I'll share pictures once it's done although it's such a tiny hallway that it's hard to photograph. I'm excited about this new project! If I don't post as regular, hopefully you'll understand that I'm probably up to my elbows in mastic, grout, or some other yucky substance!

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