Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm so sorry I've been neglecting by blog and you. I wrote a week or so ago about my hubby and I starting our next home improvement project. Well, as always it's taken somewhat longer than we expected. Not really any big problems, just slow going. I've had a few people email me to make sure I was ok since I hadn't been posting. So, I decided I better take a few minutes and post! While I was sealing slate, I had some time to make a few cards this weekend so I'll be posting them over the next week. For now, I'll show you how I spent a good part of my day today. We retextured the hallway walls last week and I learned how to do knockdown texture. I really enjoyed that and will probably be doing that in some of my other rooms as I re-do them. We installed the slate floor on Tuesday which was a job. Some of the tiles were 16x20 and they were heavy. The installation took around 12 hours to do but it looks good. Ron spent Thursday cleaning up the tiles. Friday and Saturday I did two coats of sealer on them which was a long process. Today I spent the day covering them with Glad Press and Seal in preparation for grouting. The idea is that by covering them it will be less messy to clean up the grout. After grouting the slate on our fireplace last summer, I know this isn't an easy feat so I was happy to find this helpful hint on the Glad website. Here's a picture of the floor with the Glad Press and Seal on it. Hopefully later tonight we'll get it grouted and then the painting of the ceiling and walls begins. We are in the home stretch of this project and I'm ready for it to be done!

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