Tuesday, July 8, 2008

DVD note tin swaps

When I made these for a swap two years ago at convention they were quite the rage! I didn't know I would start something. I have to give my friend and customer Julie credit for the tin's creation. She gave me one for Christmas and it fascinated me. When I was invited to participate in a 3-D swap at convention the following July, I knew exactly what to make and I did. I made 25 of them! I signed up for a couple of 3-D swaps and decided to dust off this idea and do it once again. They are always popular gifts and appreciated by the recepient. I have one that I carry all the time in my purse or backpack. That way I always have paper and pen if I need to jot something down like an idea for another project or some cool color combination I've never thought of!

Here's the details of this swap! All products from Stampin' Up! except the tins, paperclips, notepads, and calendars!
DVD Notepad Tin

Paper: Any DSP and two colors of matching cardstock
Ink: To match DSP and cardstock
Stamp Set: Taffy Alpha
Accessories: corner rounder, Sticky Strip, ADHESIVE , buttons, ribbon as necessary
Non-SU product: DVD tin, Large Paper clip, Stick on calendar, Pen, 5x8 notepad (preferably with cardboard strip across the top)

For this project you will do a lot of cutting. There isn’t a lot of stamping on this project but there is quite a bit of cutting and assembly.

Cut your first piece of DSP to 7x 4 7/8. This will be your cover. I prefer to use a big pattern on the front but it’s strictly a personal preference! Round all four corners on this piece. You will need to put adhesive on the back of this piece to adhere to the front of your tin.

Cut a strip of cardstock 2 x 4 7/8 (this will vary depending on what alphabet you use!). Cut another piece of cardstock (or a stampable piece of DSP) to 1 ¾ x 4 4/8. These two pieces will be the “notes” portion of your front cover. Stamp the top piece of cardstock (or DSP) using your favorite alphabet. Assemble these two pieces together and add any embellishments. Then set aside.
(Bella Rose DSP!)
Cut a piece of cardstock 5x7 and round the corners. Cut a piece of DSP 5 x 3 3x4 (this will be your pocket piece). Round only two corners of this piece. Apply sticky strip to the sides and the bottom rounded corners on this piece. Attach to the cardstock. You can cut another small strip to add some additional interest to your pocket or cut your piece taller and then fold it over since our paper is two-sided! This is your left hand side of your tin. You will need to put adhesive on the back of the cardstock and place it in the tin. Once this pocket piece is in the tin, you can add a calendar if you wish. On this tin, I also added a large, decorative paperclip. More on that piece later!

For the notepad part, this requires some tweaking. The notepads are 5x8 but the inside of the tin is 5 x7, so you will either need to ask the copy area of your office supply store to cut them for you (some will do it free of charge and others will charge). I have a big Carl cutter and so I cut my own on it. They will need to be cut down to 5 x7 to fit in the tin.

Cut a piece of DSP 5 x 3 inches. Apply a piece of sticky strip to the front edge of the cardboard piece of the notepad. Lay the DSP on the sticky strip and then wrap it around the back. Apply another piece of sticky strip to the backside of the DSP and attach it to the back of the pad. Place the pad in the right hand side of the tin. (It’s the deeper side of the tin.) Add a pen. (*I use to be able to put DSP in the pens to match the tins but now that we have the thicker DSP, it just doesn’t roll the way it should. So, I no longer do that. Instead I add a large, decorative paper clip!)

For the paper clip I used my punches and punched the shapes out of the cardboard backing from the DSP package! Then I punched matching shapes using the DSP. These were adhered to the cardboard pieces. One on the piece that is the “front” of the clip. The other two on the piece that is the “back” of the clip. I used pop up glue dots and dimensionals to attach it to the clip and to keep the front and back sides attached to each other.

I hope you enjoy this project, it's always been a crowd pleaser for me. Tomorrow I'll be sharing a little coaster album I made for a mini album swap!

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I need this one, I'll be coming back for the directions to make me one, thank you Sharon!