Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day of School!

Today is the first day of school in our area and I have to admit it feel weird not being in a school today. It's the first time in over 10 years that I haven't worked in a school setting. But, I still got to experience the first day of school with my "grandson" Miguel today. He is starting kindergarten and my son is starting college! So, it was an exciting day today. We got up early this morning and Cameron and I picked up Miguel and took him to ChickFilA for breakfast. It's somewhere I knew he would eat (he's not a good eater). Sure enough he downed four nuggets and a jug and a half of chocolate milk. Not bad for him! After breakfast, Cameron and I drove Miguel to his school. As you have experienced (I'm sure) parking was a nightmare but we found a spot and walked him up to the school. After a few pictures outside, we went inside and found his classroom. He was all smiles today and very excited about starting Kinder. His Mom is a teacher and had to be at school for her students, so that's why I got to do school duty today! Because Mom missed it, I took lots of pictures to share with her. In fact, I came straight home and emailed them to her at school so she could see them on her lunch break. I also created a scrapbook page of the morning's events. The page is 81/2 x 81/2 to fit the new Stampin' Up! chipboard album. On the left hand page you'll see a big white rectangle. I'm going to have Miguel write his name on that piece so we'll always remember what his writing looked like on the first day of Kindergarten. I used the new Prestwick papers as the starting point for this page because Miguel loves blue. I also used several retired Stampin' Up! sets. I'm so glad I hung on to them for just this ocassion. Shortly after we got home, it was time for Cameron to leave for his first day of college. It's so weird because I clearly remember his first day of Kindergarten. Of course back then, it was only half a day!
As he got ready to leave he said, "Mom don't you want to take my picture in front of the wisteria?" I've done that every year since we moved into this house! So out front we went with the camera. Here's my big college student! Funny thing is, whether it's kindergarten or college they are both off to school with their backpacks on their backs! Here's to a great year for both of my "boys!"


Christy said...

So glad you got to share this day with your boys! Where is Cameron going to college?

Angela said...

Sharon, I'm really enjoying your blog. I can't believe you scrapped pics the same day you took them...I've only scrapped 1 (literally one) wedding pic and I've been married 8 years!! I really love the idea of a place for him to write his name. I'll have to remember that one.

So cute that your son wanted you to continue the tradition of the first-day-of-school pic. It's amazing what they remember, huh?

Thanks for sharing!!

Sharon Harnist said...

Awww, Miguel looks so big, Sharon! How cool you got these great photos for him! And your big boy looks very cool going off to college, too!