Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Convention Attendee Barbie!!

I just finished uploading all my pictures from convention and because the last day was SO EXCITING, I totally forgot about the "commercial" that Stampin' Up! did to announce convention next year. First off, let me say that several demos submitted commercials for events and they were FANTASTIC! I'm hoping I can get a hold of one of them to put on the blog, but we'll see if that comes through. Anyway, here's a few pictures from Convention Attendee Barbie. In true Barbie form, the scene opens with two little girls playing with their "Convention Attendee Barbies." What I love so much about this is the accuracy of it all. She has on her Stampin' Up! apron, she has on her convention name tag, and notice the Decor Elements Happiness on the wall not to mention the cards on the table. I so wish it didn't go by so fast and I could have taken better photos! Anyway, the commercial progresses and the doorbell rings. Well, who do you think should be there but, yep you guessed it UPS man Ken! I'm truly surprised I got a photo at all because by this point I was laughing so hard that I almost wet myself! Then again, in true Barbie fashion the commerical ends with the picture below and those words we are all so familiar with, "Convention Attendee Barbie comes with accessories shown. UPS Ken not included." I really have to give the art department some big kudos for this one. It was fantastic! Of course, now I want my own Convention Attendee Barbie and UPS Ken!!

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