Friday, August 15, 2008

My "Little Man" turns 5

Here is my precious 5 year old "grandson" on his birthday! I just love his sweet smile and his cute little cheeks. He was so excited to be turning 5 and proudly told everyone he was 5 (holding up 5 fingers) all day! We had a super day. We started the morning with breakfast and then we sat down to do some stamping! Miguel loves to do "arts and crafts" but we had a special project to do. He was going to meet his Kindergarten teacher on Thursday and he wanted to make something special to take her. He absolutely loves to use the wheels, so we decided to make her a basket and fill it with some chocolates because Miguel likes chocolate as much as stampers do! Here he is creating with the wheel!
Here is the finished project.

He was so very proud of his project as well he should be. We used a retired Stampin' Up! apple wheel and then cut it out using the Big Shot and the new exclusive basket die. It turned out so cute. I was told that his teacher was very excited about his gift. After we finished stamping, we decided it was a great day to go to the zoo. Now, I haven't been to the zoo in a few years but Miguel and his Mom go frequently and he had no problems telling me which way to go to see things and no problem correcting me if I went the wrong way. I have to say it was an interesting trip. We'd get up to an animal he'd look for a couple minutes then be ready to move again. Don't get me wrong, we had so much fun. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I let him open a special present in the morning. A kid friendly digital camera so he was anxious to use it while we were at the zoo and he did a great job. Of course I took my camera as well and here are some of my favorite shots of the day. The first ones are from an area called Parrot Paradise. It's an enclosed area with all kinds of parrots, parakeets, and other small birds. You can purchase seed sticks to feed the birds and they fly around and land on your stick and stay there and eat. It really is cool and Miguel had a blast! After we had done that and seen probably 20 animals as we dashed "Miguel style" through the zoo, it was time for some lunch. After lunch it was getting hot and late and Miguel told me it was time to ride the train. Of course, he also told me that his Mom always lets him get candy before they ride the train. I kind of figured that wasn't totally true but afterall it was his birthday. So, we went to the candy store and he picked out one of those candy neckaces. Here he is enjoying it on the train. Now, I know that he loves to ride the train but I found out how much he loves it because we rode it back and forth 4 times!
Just look at that smile!!

After that we came back to my house and we just spent some quality time playing. Popo came home shortly after and "the boys" enjoyed goofing off and Miguel enjoyed copying everything PoPo said and did and then giggling wildly about it. Pretty soon his Mom came to pick him up but it wasn't the end of the day because we all went out to dinner and then he came back over to open presents. As we were leaving the zoo he said, "this has been a good day but it's going to be great because I get to open presents after dinner!" He really enjoyed opening and playing with his gifts and he did enjoy his new camera but I have to say his favorite gift of the day was the transformer his Mom got him. He played with that thing off and on all day (mostly on)! After gifts, we had brownies and they were good. Miguel really enjoyed his. See for yourself.
Happy, happy 5th birthday to my sweet "little man!"

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Rhonda Langley said...

What a happy day you had!! All your pictures make me smile!