Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mr. Big Shot!

I've written about my grandson, Miguel, before. I love spending time with him and this past weekend he came for a visit. Miguel LOVES to play with my "toys" as he calls them. Toys to him, precious scrapbooking and stamping supplies to me. For awhile he was really into punches but lately, he's been fascinated by my new BIG SHOT! About 2 months ago, he was here and I showed him how to use it. I explained about the "sandwich"--bread, meat, cheese, bread. Of course he thought that was hilarious, BUT he remembered it. When he was here this past weekend, we got it out and I sat him down at the opposite end of the table where I was working and handed him a stack of scraps. He worked tirelessly always repeating, "bread, meat, cheese, bread". And then adding, "watch the fingers." Hmmm, wonder where he heard that from. Anwyay, my friend Paula was hostessing a scrapbook page challenge so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures while he worked. I hope you'll enjoy the page I made using those photos AND all the great stuff he cut out while he was here. He truly is Mr. Big Shot!


Rhonda Langley said...

I think you should submit this to Stampin' Up! along with the story! This would make a great ad! Great page, great photos and wonderful story. Gosh I need some grandkids!!

dixie finn said...

Sharon, this is so precious. Just shows how easy our products are to use.